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News Topic : "Guanajuato and Hiroshima signs Friendship Agreement"

Mr. Hidehiko Yuzaki, the Governor of Hiroshima prefecture, visited the state of Guanajuato together with Mr. Masao Hayashi, the Chairman of the Assembly of Hiroshima, and with his delegation of about 20 members in order to sign the "Friendship Agreement between the state of Guanajuato of the United Mexican States and the Hiroshima prefectural Government, Japan".

Following the Memorandum on Economic Exchange between the State of Guanajuato and Hiroshima Prefecture that was signed in November 2013, the conclusion of this Agreement is expected to strengthen the relationship between the two states, not only economically but also in the fields of education, culture and tourism.

Governor Yuzaki and the Hiroshima delegation also attended the inauguration ceremony of the exhibition "11 653. Puentes sin Escalas. Hiroshima-Guanajuato" that was held in Parque Guanajuato Bicentenario. This exhibition was organized to commemorate the conclusion of the Friendship Agreement, and Hiroshima's various traditional craftworks and posters about the Atomic Bomb were displayed for the citizens of Guanajuato to learn the culture and history of Hiroshima.

GPC has provided a comprehensive support since october of 2013 to improve the communication between the governments of Guanajuato and Hiroshima in order to achieve the Signing Ceremony of the Friendship Agreement.

As a part of the preparation for the signing of the friendship Agreement, Rodolfo Gonzalez, President of GPC, travelled to Mexico several times to attend meetings between representatives from the state government of Guanajuato and of Hiroshima prefecture. One month prior to the visit by Governor Yuzaki and the Hiroshima delegation, Gonzalez flew to Guanajuato to have a final check-up on all the arrangements, and also provided interpretation support for Mr. Miguel Márquez, Governor of the state of Guanajuato, and other officials on the day of the events.

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