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GPC tailors a team of professionals to meet your specific needs. This results in a better allocation of resources, more flexible services and a more efficient and precise execution of tasks.

Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and Conferences

We design and coordinate business and academic seminars or conferences on local or international levels, which generate the results that you need.

GPC makes the key difference between just “a seminar” and “the seminar.” We also provide comprehensive arrangements covering aspects such as transportation and accommodation for you and your guests.

Consultation for Medical Seminars

We have rich knowledge and experience as a Medical Education Consultant. We realize seminars that can provide a professional learning experience, as well as an opportunity for all participants to make relations with professionals from other facilities.


  • Designed and coordinated a series of medical seminars named "Clinical Expert Program" for a leading US pharmaceutical company. The seminars were designed as an important forum to share information and experience among specialists in the field of rheumatology in Japan. The seminars were held bimonthly for four years, occasionally taking place overseas.

  • Organized a seminar in Tokyo between representatives of various government institutions of Mexico and Japanese businessmen, prior to the launch of a nation-wide promotional campaign in Japan.

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