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GPC tailors a team of professionals to meet your specific needs. This results in a better allocation of resources, more flexible services and a more efficient and precise execution of tasks.



In today’s society, each individual has access to a vast network of information. This situation renders a comprehensive media approach more important than ever before. Choosing the right media source is essential to achieving the desired results.

In collaboration with our broad network of associates in the field of media and mass communications, we provide the best options in traditional media such as magazines and newspapers, as well as digital media such as websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

digital media

  • Planned, organized and attended a press tour in Mexico for Japanese food industry magazines and newspapers, as a part of the promotion of Mexican Beef lead by Mexican Beef Exporters Association. The press tour was over 4,000km long, traveling from Mexico City to Hermosillo, Guadarajara and Tampico.
  • Tailored a wide range of press conferences according to the needs of each client such as Mexico Calidad Suprema, Mexican Beef Exporters Association and the North Division Livestock Association of the State of Chihuahua, among others.
  • Planned and organized a press tour of farms and wineries in Mexico for a major Japanese newspaper, as a part of the promotional campaign by the Ministry of Agriculture of the State of Baja California.

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