Global Pacifico Consultants designs and implements marketing / branding strategies tailor-made for you.


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GPC tailors a team of professionals to meet your specific needs. This results in a better allocation of resources, more flexible services and a more efficient and precise execution of tasks.



GPC conducts market research and third-party analysis to ensure an objective understanding of market trends, perceptions and needs. This provides the basis to implement the best strategies to achieve your desired goals.

Based on our rich experience in promoting foreign food and agricultural products in the Japanese market, we provide strong backup for producers and associations to explore new markets in Japan and other Asian countries.



A comprehensive branding experience for consumers does not end with the purchase of a product. Rather, purchase often marks the beginning of this experience. Therefore, the brand experience needs to be consistent with consumers’ lifestyles, values, well-being and sense of satisfaction.

Our branding experience and multi-target strategies help assure that brands maintain their meaning in the context in which they are presented. This approach ensures that your brand or product is credible, distinctive and attractive to consumers.

  • Designed and implemented the first comprehensive marketing campaign of Mexican food products in Japan for the Association of Mexico Calidad Suprema (MCS) , an official certification system for quality Mexican agricultural products, for six years consecutively.
    Activities consisted of seminars between Mexican government institutions and Japanese importers, press conferences, promotions at supermarkets and restaurants nationwide; participation at international commercial trade exhibitions such as FOODEX Japan, the largest food-related exhibition in Asia; gala-PR events where the Minister of Agriculture of Mexico handed certificates to Japanese companies that import MCS-certified products.
  • Designed and performed tourism promotion activities in Japan for the Ministry of Tourism of the state of Baja California, Mexico.
  • Designed and carried out the first promotion campaign for Mexican Beef Exporters Association in Japan and South Korea on a national level. Performed comprehensive marketing campaigns covering market research, improvement of exporters and importers communication, media relations, field trips to ranches and processing plants in Mexico, as well as promotions at supermarkets and restaurants across Japan and Korea.

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