Global Pacifico Consultants supports your international business with Japan and other Asian countries.

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The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Mexico and Japan in 2005 has considerably increased business and trade with Asia. Similarly, there will be new business opportunities in the Asian market once the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is concluded. We look forward to serving clients who are willing to take advantage of this chance to expand their businesses.

Since its foundation in 2006, Global Pacífico Consultants has provided marketing and PR services in Asia to foreign companies and government agencies on a national and regional level.

As Global Pacífico Consultants is based in Tokyo, working with us is like having your own representative office right where your business is taking place. Even better, we can become your official representative office in Japan and Asia.

At Global Pacífico Consultants our personnel speak and think in English, Spanish and Japanese as proficient native speakers. Together, with my own experience as a former Counselor for Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Mexico in Japan, we provide in-depth support in cross-cultural and multilingual business development by minimizing language and cultural barriers, and bridging differences in commercial and social practices.

We help our clients build new ties across the Pacific, not only from the hardware perspective of businesses, but also from a more holistic and multicultural approach. We recognize that in the end, business is all about people.

Rodolfo González Ono

Personal History

Rodolfo González Ono, President & CEO


Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, to a Mexican father and a Japanese mother.

In 1992 graduated from El Colegio de México, in International Relations in Mexico City. Continued his studies as a research student through a master’s program in International Relations at Sophia University in Tokyo.

From 1996 to 1998, worked at the National Council for the Culture and the Arts of Mexico, (CONACULTA) as advisor to the President of the Council. From 1998 to 2003, worked at the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Mexico and was assigned as Counselor for Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Mexico in Japan. From 2003 to 2005, worked for the Ministry of Agriculture of Mexico (SAGARPA) and was assigned as the Commissioner of the Minister to Japan.

In 2006, founded Global Pacifico Consultants in Tokyo, one of the first consulting companies in Japan established by a Mexican, offering marketing and PR services.

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